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Eternal for Sale

Eternal is released. BEHOLD.


You must enter Eternal. Click to make it really big.

Go right here and use your money to buy it!

It’s out and I feel zen. I’m all too aware of the downsides to self-publishing: more expense, more work, much more legwork marketing-wise, no establishment validation, no support system behind you, and the uphill battle that is Self-published Stigma. I do it myself, you see—I think of self-published books as less than. Probably because, sadly, most of the time I’ll be right to think that way.

So let’s be positive and enthusiastic and talk about the wonderful upsides! There’s plenty, but I’m most fond of two of them:

1) Complete control means no ultra-lame cover and/or formatting.

Most new authors don’t get a say on how the book they wrote will look. Actually, I just pulled that out of my ass, I don’t know if it’s most. But many don’t. Depends on the contract you sign, I guess. Have you seen some of the putrid turds of a cover that some books get? And not just the dime-a-dozen, fire-kindling-worthy garbage you might find in the bargain bin, but really good stuff as well. Need I cite the old Wheel of Time covers? Some editions of Asimov’s best work? The copy of Dune I got in the mail only a week ago? Hell, even the first editions of Patrick Rothfuss’s Name of the Wind were cringe-inducing. I’m not saying the cover I designed is the be-all end-all of fancy book fronts, but at least I can rest assured it won’t be in any “top ten worst covers of all time” lists. Which one would you choose at the book store?

bookcoverAWFULI think I'd pick the Hitler book, actually
I think I’d pick the Hitler book, actually

I also get to put in a bunch of cool art and illustrations in the book itself. I’ve always appreciated stuff like that when reading a novel, and I wanted mine to have them as well. There’s no-one to stop me!

2) No release pressure. (THIS IS THE GREATEST PUN OF ALL TIME.)

“My book didn’t sell well when it came out, so it got un-stocked from most stores and no-one even lists it anymore.”

“My publisher let me go. They didn’t care for the sequel because sales in the first year were poor.”

“Nobody will look at me twice because my debut novel was a flop and I made a bunch of people lose money because of it.”

These words will never haunt my sleep. It’s a different game with self-publishing, a slow and steady game. The release date doesn’t really matter. There’s no “grand opening” event. It will be released, and sales will start trickling in (hopefully.) I’ll be marketing and promoting steadily and somewhat quietly, and with luck and the help of friends and family and good word of mouth, it’ll slowly spread. I have no idea how far, but my expectations are realistically low, as the chances of it spreading like the next bird flu pandemic that will kill us all are lottery-worthy. It’ll be more like the recent Ebola outbreak: relatively small, slow to proliferate, but boy will it be virulent and hard to eradicate. Yes, Eternal shall take hold of some people out there and consume them until there is only a feverish husk left, and all who come in contact with them will become irrevocably infected.

Hm. This metaphor kind of ran away from me.

All this positivity is exhausting! I must now retire, it’s just too much. At least my quota for the year is covered; I can go back to being a cynical piece of garbage with nothing good to say about anything. Cheers!

Turds, turds everywhere,

– Israel

The ETERNAL Wait Is Over

Eternal will be published on September 16th, 2014. It will indeed be self-published.

Eternal Print

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Talks with Booktrope looked promising until there was sudden and complete silence. It was in the middle of a conversation with zero indication that they weren’t interested. My liaison simply stopped replying to emails. I waited for a month, then prodded again. Still nothing. It made me think that the man maybe had had an accident or something, so I felt a bit hurt seeing that he was still tweeting banalities day in and day out while my hopes withered. He could have had the decency of falling off a cliff to spare me the heartache of rejection. Oh, how I despaired.

Tangentially: Isn’t it such a weird and tentative dance, the whole emails-with-a-stranger-in-a-position-of-power thing? You never want to say too much, or too little; you want to be obsequious without being needy, you want to be cool without being aloof. You want to be sincere without coming across as a complete dumb-ass. It’s high school non-dating all over again.

Anyway, Eternal will be for sale soon, both in physical and electronic form, but exclusively online. Well, maybe I can convince the local bookshop to give it a read, awkward as the conversation might be. I deliver the mail to them, they owe me!

The eBook won’t cost more than a fancy cup of coffee. The print version will be as cheap as I can make it to cover production expenses—it’ll probably hover around fourteen to fifteen measly dollars. Is that the price of a movie ticket these days? It’s been a while.

I’ll be posting many more details on where to get it and what I’m doing to prepare. Though I might procrastinate on everything and then work around the clock to make this self-imposed deadline. Somehow I see that as the more likely scenario.

Exciting and/or soul-crushing times are afoot. Rejoice!

Friends always and forever,

– Israel