Worldbuilders 2014

You know, I never expected to see my name alongside the likes of Amber Benson, aside from that pesky 2011 restraining order. (I don’t know why you won’t love me, Amber. I still have your locks of hair.) But behold:

2014-12-04 23_46_03-An Abundance of Signed Books

The Rothfussian Blog

I don’t know if I made an impression, or they simply feature every single donation they get. It’s with all probability the latter, though my desperate ego chooses to firmly believe the former. Either way, it was the weirdest, most awesome thing to see little Eternal up there, scrolling alongside excellence in Patrick Rothfuss’s blog.

Which leads me to Worldbuilders! You must support Worldbuilders, you see. I would give you the longwinded spiel, but I don’t have to, because I already made a video for it, hooray!

For context, it was written for unilateralUlulations, my Youtube gaming channel. Embedding, commence:

The fundraiser runs until the 15th of December. Even if you don’t give a crap about charity, there is so much good stuff you can get. Go for it, I say!

Dancing with bears,

– Israel.

3 thoughts on “Worldbuilders 2014

  1. Andrew Barrington

    I just finished reading your fascinating/awesome book. It’s rare I find a book that can hold my attention but I couldn’t put Eternal down! I have to know where Alex and Aaron go from here. If I had the money I would hire you as my own personal story teller. You painted such beautiful, elaborate, and wonderfully creative scenarios and characters for me to imagine. I thank you my friend. Experiencing the adventure in your book has been unforgettable and I am standing by to throw money at you when the sequels are finished :)
    Best Wishes,

    1. Israel Post author

      It’s awesome to get feedback like this. Thank you a billion, it makes me happy to know you enjoyed it so much. I better get to work on the next novel!


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