Perfectly Harmless Little Girl

Magnifico-man Patrick Rothfuss is running a T-shirt design contest on his blog over yonder, for the noble purposes of his mid-year fundraiser. Go over there and have a vote, damn you all!

I submitted a design but it didn’t make the cut, woe is me. Behold!

The front:

Dinner is over. The fort is built. It's now time for tea.

Dinner is over. The fort is built. It’s now time for tea.

The back:

What's for dinner, Mr. Whiffle?

What’s for dinner, Mr. Whiffle?

I should probably make perfectly clear that these characters are of course property of Patrick Rothfuss and originally illustrated by Nate Taylor, and I make no claim to them whatsoever. You should read the Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle if you have even a passing interest on comic books, clever art, or books that pretend to be for children but instead will scar your childhood forever.

While the drawings didn’t make the cut (I was really hoping to see at least one Mr. Whiffle-centric design, even if it wasn’t mine. Wah wah) the experience of drawing these to make the Sunday deadline was really edifying and I don’t regret it in the slightest. Art is a long-neglected hobby for me. I didn’t think I had the ability. I didn’t think I had the focus to go from blank white page to that in a few days. But I did.

I did.

Can you imagine how much I could have accomplished in all this time, if I’d stopped procrastinating already on that damn death ray?

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