A pretty ok guy

Israel Barbuzano is an AI conglomerate inhabiting a 20-foot-tall super robot. This Collective exists in outer space, where he creates two billion novels per second by randomly arranging all the words of the English language in novel-length lines. ETERNAL has been the only viable product so far.

The above paragraph may or may not be 100% factual. In truth, Israel Barbuzano is a pretty OK dude who likes books a whole lot—actually, Israel Barbuzano is weirded out by the practice of writing a biography in third person so he ain't gonna do none of that nonsense. He also questions the wisdom of using "ain't" in an author bio.

I was born in March of 1984 in the Canary Islands, Spain, and spent my childhood growing up. Now I live a wondrous married life in North Pole, Alaska, and I am content in every way imaginable. I deliver mail for a living, but in my free time, whenever my videogaming addiction is not consuming my every thought, I write novels. I would be ever so delighted if you bought them!

Thank you for reading these words. I made them myself.

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