A monolithic stone stands before you, elaborate line patters glowing all over its surface. Hollow indentations are carved upon its rocky flesh, loosely drawing the shape of foreboding eyes, a gaping mouth. A voice suddenly rumbles from the depths of the stone, the yawning sound waves rattling inside your ribcage.

"What would you like to know?"

Q. Are there sequels yet? I must have them!

A. "Firstly, thank you so much for asking this enough times for me to feel like I should have a blanket answer, which I will undoubtedly forget to change once the situation changes. Right now there are no Eternal sequels released. Two are planned, respectively titled 'Unbound' and 'Last Portent'. They'll be supa cool, obviously.

"However, I'm currently working on something completely different. The title is 'Meredith, Last of the Witches'. You know how in stories, kids find a portal to a magical world and encounter an evil witch and they spend the whole story defeating the evil witch? Well, this is a story where the witch turns the kids to stone in the first five minutes and then carries on with her utterly mundane life. WHAT A SWEET REVERSAL."

Q. Why aren't there more questions answered here?

A. "This is an honest Frequently Asked Questions, so there aren't many yet. Please ask questions. I crave the attention like an infant craves the teet. Or any grown man, for that matter."

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