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Barbuzano masterfully weaves plot and character like no other before him. His payment was prompt and included a beefy tip.”

Ed Schreierr, The New York Tumor

I can’t help but lick the pages. His prose is as luscious as his eyelashes.”

Shirley N., Part-time Stalker

His books are terrible and I don’t like him!”

Adolf Hitler

Welcome! I am Israel Barbuzano, renowned author of this sentence. Read my novels, if you please:

Sexually LiberatedLUST, LIES & MAGIC:
A Lana Terrigan Memoir

“You can hurl at me so many insults I’d agree with. Call me reckless, stupid, clueless and thoughtless. Call me a cock-tease, a slut and a whore, though I object to the last one, I’ve never taken payment for services rendered. Call me a liar and a scheming bitch. I’ve been all of those things at one point or another.
“I am not, however, a mass-murderer.”

Lana Terrigan claims her hapless tumble down a secret world of magical intrigue is a true story. We at White Moth Press have dubbed it a Romantic Urban Fantasy riddled with crass humor, graphic violence, explicit language, adult themes and thorough depictions of sexual encounters.

We invite you to read it and find out for yourself!

Who is Lana Terrigan?


The story of Meredith, an incompetent witch struggling to make ends meet in the land of the wicked.

An urban-ish fantasy novel equal parts comedy, action and drama, chock-full of magic, wickedness, failure, slavery, love and hand-drawn art. Jump through a portal to Galavan and see what witches have been up to since they were cast out from Earth!

Available on Amazon RIGHT NOW

Try before you buy: a half-novel sample.

Believe What You WillETERNAL

The story of Aaron and Alexandra Gretchen, who died together in an explosion at the twilight of humanity and now must find one another in an unforgiving, uncaring afterlife.

It’s a mix of fantasy, science fiction and dystopia, with weird magic-like abilities, loads of alien races and crippling existential questions. I can promise you’ve never read anything like it.



Without shame I’ll tell you this is fan-fiction for the 2015 videogame cringefest that is Life is Strange, which I still love dearly despite its flaws.

I was unhappy with its lackluster ending and wrote this over eight months of obsessive rumination. It’s novel-length, thoroughly plotted and I am very proud of the writing in there. If you’ve no idea what this game is about, I invite you to play it yourself! (Season 1 only, the rest really sucks lolz)

Life is Strange Season 1 for PC
Better Then, a fan-fiction novel.

ImoenThe Imoen Romance

Want to get even more niche? I wrote the Imoen Romance mod for Baldur’s Gate 2 in 2003, fresh out of high school and with barely a grasp on the English language. It was badly written and I never finished it, particularly the section for BG2’s expansion, Throne of Bhaal.

Almost two decades later, the unfinished project still haunted my memory. I vowed to get it done, thankfully with some much needed coding help this time. I put everything I had into the writing and I am enormously happy with the final result.

If you fancy some retro gaming, go ahead and give it a chance, you’ll be floored by the SHEER QUALITY of the new content and the EXPANSIVE SCOPE of your choices.

Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition on STEAM
The Imoen Romance Mod

I’m also a giant nerd and run a tiny Youtube channel, where I talk into a microphone for hours on end, most of the time while playing videogames. You can comment to your heart’s content and I will most likely respond. I’d be delighted to have you there.

Got any questions you want to ask all personal like? Here’s my email address for you:

eipbarbuzano -at- gmail -dot- com

And remember, always keep your nether regions lice-free.